David Canoville is a storyboardeur, designer, and animateur. He studied desddinateur de cinema d'animation at cft gobelins (1999-2001), and design industriel at ENSAAMA (1997-1999). Although not credited in the film, David did work on some concept artwork for A Monster in Paris.

He previously a storyboard artist at Digital District Montreal (2013), a storyboard artist at Quad Splendido (2013), a mechadesigner at Onyx Film (2012-2013), storyboardeur at Marzipan Film (2012), designer at Macquff Line (2011), animateur/layoutman at Armateurs (2010-2011), animateur 2D at Moonscoop (2010), mechadesigner at je suis bien content (2009-2010), animateur 2D (flash) at Banjo Studio (2008-2009), mechandesigner at Pumpkin3D (2007-2008), animateur at Xilam Animation (2006-2007), designer at Marathon Animation (2004-2006).



  • The Rabbi's Cat (2011) - animator

Concept ArtEdit



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