Lucille, known as "The Angel of Montmartre", is one of the two main protagonists in A Monster In Paris.


Lucille is a beautiful young woman with fair skin and lightly freckled cheeks. Her light brown eyes are accentuated by her round face and fair skin. Lucille's long auburn hair is usually worn in a bun.


Lucille is a bright young woman with a beautiful singing voice. She is also strong-willed and not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right, even if it puts her in harms way. Lucille possesses a sarcastic/snarky streak, and often dishes it out to whomever she believes is deserving.

A Monster in ParisEdit

Lucille is a well known singer at the Rare Bird (L'Oiseau Rar) Cabaret in Paris, performing with a trademark "angel" gown: a long white dress accented by delicate wings. Lucille's career is managed by her aunt Carlotta, who insists that she marry the police Commissioner Victor Maynott. Lucille is uninterested, calling him pompous and boring, but Carlotta says she just needs to get to know him better. A date between the two later confirms what Lucille already suspected: she has no interest in marrying Victor despite his best efforts. Commissioner Maynott becomes obsessed with finding the monster, which he hopes will win him the mayoral election.

After the terrible date, Lucille runs into an old friend Raoul, an obnoxious inventor/delivery man who secretly harbors feelings for her. Raoul and his friend Emile accidentally created the monster while messing around in a botanists lab during a previous delivery. Raoul accidentally drops a package in front of Lucille, covering her dress in mud. They bicker before Lucille wagers that she will give him and Emile the best seats at the cabaret if the win the Medal of honor.

Later, Lucille is seeking out some new talent for the cabaret in a waiter named Albert. Unfortunately, Albert is a terrible singer and Lucille politely refuses his offer. While storming out of the building, Albert runs into the monster in an alley behind the cabaret and runs away in terror. The noise causes Lucille to investigate, stumbling upon the monster as well. Frightened, she quickly runs back inside and locks the door.

The monster, a super-sized flea, somberly sits in the alley and begins to sing. Lucille is enchanted by his voice and opens to door, inviting him inside after giving him a name: Francœur. Lucille uses her props and accessories to disguise Francœur and he later joins her on stage. Unforutnately for Lucille, Raoul and Emile also arrive, and Raoul is all to happy to show her his Medal of Honor (given to him by the Commissioner). Though irritated, Lucille keeps her word and they get the best seats.

Towards the end of the movie, right before Raoul was about to confess his feelings for her, Lucille confesses her feelings for him first, for she has also been in love with him since first grade. She kisses him, and Raoul kisses her back.