Olivier Delabarre is a freelance character designer at Xilam Animation, and the character designer for A monster in Paris. He studied Concepttion et Realisation de films d'animation at Gobelins, I'ecole de I'image (2004-2007), and Ecole d'enseignement superieur en Arts Graphiques at Ecole Emile Cohl (2001-2004).

Olivier previously worked as an illustrator at Auzou Editions (2012-2013), a character designer at Xilam Animation (2012-2013), an art director at Alphanim (2011-2012), a character designer, and a visual devleopment artist at House of Pictures (2011), a freelance artist at Features Animation Projects (2009-2011), a character designer at 2 Minutes (2010), an animation teacher at Gobelins, I'ecole de I'image (2010), a character designer at GL Consulting (2010), a character designer at Elegangz (2009), a color designer at Mac Guff Ligne (2009), a 2D animator at Neomis Animation (2008), and a character designer, and color designer at Bibo Films / Pumpkin 3D (2007-2008).



  • A Monster in Paris (2011) - character designer
  • Despicable Me (2010) - color designer
  • The Oscar Nomiated Short Films 2009: Animation (2009) - director


  • Oktapodi (2007) - director

Concept ArtEdit



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